Museums for children

History and Science

London’s vast array of museums offers children the opportunity to learn about an enormous variety of subjects. Most of the well-known museums are free of charge and provide a host of family-oriented activities. If you are thinking of taking your child to London, there are several museums which may interest them. If your child is interested in science and the natural world don’t miss the Natural History and Science Museums; these museums are next to each other and are both free; you will probably need a day to get the best out of both but they are well worth a visit and your children will love the larger than life displays and crazy science exhibits.


History enthusiasts will enjoy the British Museum, the Imperial War Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum; these museums are also free of charge and have a huge variety of exhibits to entertain all the family.


Sports lovers will be amazed by the Wembley and Twickenham stadium tours and museum visits; these can be fairly pricey but are well worth a visit if you’re a sports fan. Children may also want to visit other famous grounds such as White Hart Lane, the Emirates Stadium and Stamford Bridge.

Other interests

Children may also enjoy a trip to the Toy Museum, which houses an enormous range of antique and modern-day toys.