Pursuing a Career in a Museum, Library or Archive Environment

Being a Museum Curator

Working in a museum is an increasingly popular career choice and can be competitive. The best way to get into this industry is to get as much work experience as possible; this will show you are committed to your career and passionate about your interest. Usually, museum curators have a degree in a relevant subject and most have a postgraduate qualification in a specific area of study. Many curators have done a great deal of research related to their specific interest and are consequently extremely knowledgeable in that particular area. Curator jobs at museums rarely come up so it may be beneficial to look for other jobs in the museum setting and work your way up; this may involve working in the museum shop or cafe for example.

Being a Librarian

Many librarians follow a related degree before completing a period of practical experience. Librarians should be highly organised and able to work with others; they should have good communication and social skills. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a librarian it may be beneficial to ask if you can help out now and again at your local library; this will help you decide whether it’s the right career choice for you and provide valuable work experience for your CV.

Being an Archivist

Archivists usually have a degree in a relevant subject, such as History. Having completed this qualification, most endeavour to get some practical work experience by taking on an entry-level or junior post. Archivists should be extremely organised and adept in dealing with enquiries from members of the general public; this will involve having good communication and social skills.